annapurna trekking

annapurna trekking
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Would you like to spend some time somewhere far from western civilization? How about going to the Himalayas with Asian Trekking? Choose w trek that suits you.

The route around Annapurna is highly diverse as climate, landscapes, languages and culture are taken into consideration. That is why a lot of tourists used to walking long distances take this kind of Annapurna trekking. For many trekkers small mountain villages with smiling locals and places of cult have a unique value, and they come here to learn more about the simple, tranquil life. The descriptions of treks are available on website.

Asian Trekking is a company whose aim is to adjust the program of any trek to the tourists’ expectations. The treks vary in length and difficulty so that every person coming to Nepal is able to see what they really want to. The company is experienced enough to provide them with all types of services and guarantee safety. If you want to spend wonderful affordable holiday in the Himalayas, the company’s offer is for you.


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